Technical writing is something that can get you somewhere in the world of literature. And with today’s vast opportunities that are offered online, knowing the ways of technical writing can bring you good opportunities considering that anyone can learn writing skills. The term technical writing sometimes scares other writers because they assume that you have to be an expert on a certain field to write all about the subject matter in the most technical way. This is totally not true. As long as you can have a clear writing style, know how to attack a subject with an in-depth approach and be able to learn more from the feedback you get, you can be a technical writer.

There are technical writers who are graduates of biology and yet write technical papers about machines and software. There are also the commerce grads who write about the technicalities of raising farm livestock and so on. So if you look at it, learning technical writing skills doesn’t require you to have a course in the field you want to write about. As long as you know clearly what you are writing about and your works are all appropriately referenced from the professionals, you cannot actually go wrong. So it’s all about searching, reading comprehensively and getting serious about how things happen that you can be a good technical writer.

On the other hand, there are certain fields that require serious learning that you cannot easily learn through reading and using the web and you need professional qualifications to write articles about it. For example, fields like medicine, drugs, therapy and psychiatry are sensitive issues. In other words, if it already involves humans at stake, we cannot take the risk of just reading and writing about how-to-do stuff but we must have a hands-on training with the experts to learn and write about the procedures in a more scientific way. But how do you normally get experience in writing? This we will tell you the most basic steps.

Earning Your Experience in Technical Writing


    • Take short courses on writing techniques. There are short courses or training that are offered online and on other schools with regards to writing and anyone can enroll. Most of it discusses the mechanics of technical writing. If you want to have it online, you must pay and will be given some videos, PDF files and maybe even some test where you will be evaluated and instructed to strengthen your weak points. If you want a hands-on training, there are short courses that can go from few weeks to a month. You can search online all about those who offer these courses.
    • Use your education. If you are a graduate of any science course, you might already have a background about certain scientific topics and can do technical writing about it. All you’ve got to do is to research more about the subject and find online writing contracting company that will accept your works. From there, you can be able to gain the experience and perhaps more training will be given to you by your employer.
    • Try technical writing slowly. If you are already a writer, you can slowly take projects that deal with certain scientific disciplines. Through time, you can enhance your skills and will know the basics of technical writing procedures. If you are a senior student who has more time for part-time jobs, you can also do part-time technical writing online jobs. There are certain individuals or companies who prefer students with specific educational background and can easily understand things about their products and will want to take them in as their part-time writers.
  • Try organizations who accept writers. Technical writing does not only involve scientific writing. It also goes into details about laws, proceedings, and so on. So if you want to gain experience from the not too scientific approach of writing, you can find non-profit groups, social service organizations or even volunteer associations and offer your writing service. They can take you as their grant writer and you may even have a good future if they recommend you to major business correspondence.


Presumably, people who want to become professional technical writers must not hastily expect that they can make it in this field just as easy. Technical writing is more sensitive than basic article writing so you need the experience to get noticed. You can start by writing articles for free for certain non-profit organizations and then contract yourself slowly to large businesses that need technical writers. So, now that you have ideas on how to get experience in technical writing jobs, hopefully you will have a concept on where to start and begin broadening your knowledge for the better.

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