While being strict, disciplining, and providing materialistic support to your children it is important to spend ‘time’ with them. It need not be doing productive things only. Sometime doing simple things like gardening, repairing something at home or even watching TV with them help to create lifelong bonds with your kids. Yes, watching television with your kids is a fantastic activity to improve and build bonds between parents and children. Three reasons that should motivate you to watch television with your child irrespective of his/her age:

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Develops understanding:W hen a parent watches television with his/her children, they would usually argue and then mutually agree to watch something that appeals to both, or perhaps one party would have to compromise. This should be seen as an excellent opportunity to teach children about adjustment. It is very important to learn the lesson of making few adjustments in your life for your loved ones. Also parents and children develop mutual understanding and respect for each other’s choices. Ofcourse, both parties have to take turns to make that little sacrifice for the other. Only then trust and understanding develops

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